Sunday, November 23, 2014

September and October Updates

Before the year zips by, here's a re-cap of September and October in the Timmons' house.

September marked the beginning of Josiah's Pre-K cooperative.  We have joined 3 other families to get our soon-to-be kindergardeners together for a morning of learning and fun each week.  Each mom takes turns with the kids and emphasizes a different subject; art, math and music, history, and science.    Mary completed an introduction to basketball workshop at school where she demonstrated a great attitude and sportsmanship, but didn't fall in love with the sport.  :)

September kicked off the beginning of fall t-ball
for Josiah and Coach Timmons.
In October, Josiah's Pre-K friends and their families had the opportunity to visit the Bat-cave!  The trip was a surprise, a blast, and complete with rides in the bat-mobile and bat-cyle.
a few of Bruce Wayne's buddies

Josiah reached another treatment milestone
 with the removal of his port in September.

Here's the sign we made for our neighbors
 during the world series,
they followed suit and blessed us with
 a Giants banner the next day.  :)

We celebrated Stella's 2nd birthday at a fall festival
at the end of October.

Our kids were joined by one of their new neighbors
 and shared their  first taste of trick-or-treating this year .


  1. Mary TimmonsNovember 24, 2014

    How wonderful - I want to go to the bat cave too! and ride the bat mobile! Dr would say no way --- can't climb up stuff or mess with fire (like I would -- it would be called cooking! - No way) Doing good and can again finally drive! YEAH The whole Timmons world is going good!

  2. Wow! Sounds like y'all have been active lately! Yea for Josiah's port removal! That's super awesome!!!

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